What if there were two sets of muscles in our bodies? One set is used in the Outside/Material world… and the other set is used in our Inner/Energetic world.

The Outer World Set would include: our abilities to get an education, to learn a trade, to get a job, to keep a job, to pay the bills, to play hockey, to read books, to play with children, to visit our parents, to help others, to brush our teeth, etc….

The Inner world set would include: intuition where we hear personal guidance, the sense of empathy – when we can feel what someone else is feeling,compassion – placing ourselves in the position of another, true unconditional love – fully being with someone completely without judgement, spirituality– our sense of belonging to something so much greater than what we can see, our Inner Peace – that part of us that is unchanging and still regardless of our circumstances.

In the movie “The Matrix”, there is a scene where Neo has been pulled from the false reality (Outer world) and brought to the actual reality (Inner world)… This is the picture:

Neo Acupuncture

Neo wakes up and asks why his eyes hurt… The answer is that he’s never used them… All of the acupuncture needles you see are activating muscles that he’s never used. Because he has only ever truly existed in “the false world that had been pulled over his eyes”.

This is a lot like us. All the muscles that we need to “function in society” are well-developed. We are educated, hard-working, ethical, etc.

But what about our inner journey? Our spiritual path? Why were we put here? What is our purpose?

As I was teaching yoga the other night, this is what I realized that we were doing with the yoga. We are experiencing a whole different aspect of ourselves that has nothing directly to do with our jobs, relationships, or status in the world. We are experiencing our inner struggles, our inner passions, the things that we can’t say, the things that we want to do but for some reason feel blocked about.

We come face to face with the difference between the life our hearts are desiring and the life we are living. And every time we sit on our mat, we work to sort out the differences, to breathe through the discomforts, and to strengthen those amazing inner muscles of actual personal truth, willpower, unconditional love and compassion for ourselves.

In the quiet of meditation and chanting, we hear inspiration – guidance on our journey – a resorting of all of the pieces of our lives.

In the community of people we practice with, there is a calm oasis – where we know that we are not alone in desiring peace and true health and happiness.

So now when someone asks me “Why do you do Yoga?”… I get this picture of Neo in my mind…

Maybe yoga is like some kind of acupuncture for the soul….

Katrina and PebblesKatrina Bos teaches Kundalini Yoga at East Street Station. It’s a beautiful yoga that is perfect for everyone… all ages, sizes and physical abilities. It’s about healing the inside first.. and all else will follow. You can take classes in person at the station or purchase videos and audio downloads to take your healing journey at home. Click here for all details… Kundalini Yoga