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Healing Through Groundhog Day

What if you had to live the same day over and over again forever…
or at least until something inside you changed…
If you’ve never seen Bill Murray in the movie “Groundhog Day”, you must go see it immediately!! It is one of the most profound movies you will ever see about how changing your consciousness changes your whole experience of life!!

Many of us feel stuck in a rut… Or at least stuck in a routine that never seems to change. We wake up, we get the kids ready, we make lunches, we go to work, we talk to the same people, take the same route home, eat supper, etc, etc, etc… We smile and try to make the best of it… But the bottom line is that most of our society struggles with depression, anxiety, and all kinds of issues…

In the movie, Bill gets caught literally reliving the day that […]

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Your Dreams Never Give up on You

You know those dreams and hopes that just don’t go away? Well, they aren’t going anywhere. They will stay with you until… well.. until they happen. :)

Sometimes it’s easy to lose hope that our lives will ever turn out the way we want. We know what we want. Or we know how we want to feel. But the world of responsibilities and “life” seemed to take over somewhere along the way and we feel like actually creating a life of freedom, happiness and ease is just not going to happen for us.

But here’s the good news!! Our inner spirit never gives up!! Why?  Because this is the energy that makes us ALIVE! This is the creative force inside of us that is dying to experience this amazing world.

And no matter how many jobs and dishes and obligations we put in front of that, that amazing energy will keep trying to escape… just […]

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Acupuncture for the Soul

What if there were two sets of muscles in our bodies? One set is used in the Outside/Material world… and the other set is used in our Inner/Energetic world.

The Outer World Set would include: our abilities to get an education, to learn a trade, to get a job, to keep a job, to pay the bills, to play hockey, to read books, to play with children, to visit our parents, to help others, to brush our teeth, etc….

The Inner world set would include: intuition where we hear personal guidance, the sense of empathy – when we can feel what someone else is feeling,compassion – placing ourselves in the position of another, true unconditional love – fully being with someone completely without judgement, spirituality- our sense of belonging to something so much greater than what we can see, our Inner Peace – that part of us that is unchanging and still regardless of our circumstances.

In the movie “The Matrix”, […]

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