Meditation for Insomnia

This is wonderful meditation for insomnia …. Ahhh to fall into restful, relaxing sleep. You can either watch the video, or follow the instructions below.

Note: Please only do this meditation when you are going to rest afterwards and will not have to drive a car. I don’t teach this meditation in public classes because it truly will make you so relaxed, you might just forget where you are driving… (I’ve had it happen!)

Our bodies require good rest. In Start Trek, the Borgs would have to plug into special alcoves each night for “regeneration time”. This is just what we need. Our bodies and minds must have time to regenerate, heal and strengthen. Alas, good sleep just evades us too often.

And so, this is a great meditation to use once in a while if you find yourself up and not able to fall asleep.

If you struggle with regular insomnia, then I recommend doing this […]

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The Healing Power of Love – Meditation

One of the challenges of the Inner Journey is that it often feels lonely. Not only that, but we have to come face to face with how alone we feel deep inside. This video and meditation helps us to feel the love from everyone in our lives – whether they are with us or not. It helps us to feel connected and safe and helps us to access that “healing power of love” that the ancients are always talking about.

How does this meditation affect you? Could you do it? Was it hard to feel? Was it hard to stay focused?

When I first did this meditation, I was amazed at how my struggle was actually to believe that these other people actually wanted to keep sending me love for that long… and they weren’t even there… that sure gave me lots to think about…

What about you?

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