medicine_lotusA private counseling session is about finding the next step for you. It might be about healing the past. But it will be primarily about finding the joy again.

It is about empowering you, getting out of old habits and thought patterns that aren’t serving you.

The goal is not long-term therapy. It is about finding out what’s wrong and then finding a solution that you can implement in your life. It might be a change of direction, a lifestyle change, a daily yoga kriya or meditation or simply the amazing awareness that we’ll get by doing an Energy Grid.

What If You Could Skip the Cancer?

If you are struggling with cancer, afraid of getting cancer, or have read the book and would like to go deeper into how the book would work in your life, then a private session would be of great benefit to you.

Energy Grids:

An energy grid is a great tool that helps us to see the blueprint of your soul. It shows us your natural gifts, challenges and explains many of the difficult times in our lives. It can show why some of our relationships are difficult and why some are effortless. We can learn a lot about your health, mental thoughts, emotional tendencies, and spiritual desires.

Meditation Counselling:

This is an opportunity to learn how to meditate but also to find answers together while you’re in that calm and relaxed state. We can find many answers through normal discussion. But when we enter that meditative state and ask ourselves what is really going on, we have an opportunity to get underneath the surface to the source and then we can go from there.