Young Woman Meditating on the FloorWe offer private meditation consultations with Katrina Bos for anyone who would like to learn to meditate, find the right meditation, or use meditation as a tool for insight into what’s really going on in our lives that we’d like to fix.

Private meditation coaching has many benefits:

  • We can look at the particular struggles that you are having that stand between you and a quiet, peaceful mind
  • We can find clues to issues in your life that need healing and attention
  • There are many different kinds of meditations – all with various benefits and applications. Finding the right mantra, mudra (hand position), breath pattern, duration, and regularity of practice is phenomenal medicine for many of the issues we face today – mind, body and spirit
  • We can learn how to relax and comfort the body so that it is relaxed while meditating
  • When group classes don’t work for you, you can learn to meditate on your own schedule

Meditation is a tool that everyone needs. It’s not just for yogis. It’s for all humans. It is simply the ability to still the mind and relax. It is the ability to breathe deeply and become present in this moment. It’s about be able to turn the mind off, relax the nervous system, and completely be at peace.

We welcome you to come for a single session to find what works for you. The simplest practice done every day will do wonders for our peace of mind.