This is wonderful meditation for insomnia …. Ahhh to fall into restful, relaxing sleep. You can either watch the video, or follow the instructions below.

Note: Please only do this meditation when you are going to rest afterwards and will not have to drive a car. I don’t teach this meditation in public classes because it truly will make you so relaxed, you might just forget where you are driving… (I’ve had it happen!)

meditation for insomniaOur bodies require good rest. In Start Trek, the Borgs would have to plug into special alcoves each night for “regeneration time”. This is just what we need. Our bodies and minds must have time to regenerate, heal and strengthen. Alas, good sleep just evades us too often.

And so, this is a great meditation to use once in a while if you find yourself up and not able to fall asleep.

If you struggle with regular insomnia, then I recommend doing this every night before bed for at least 40 days. These kinds of meditations use the breath, hand postures (mudras), and eye focus to literally reprogram the brain with a new pattern. And if you struggle with not sleeping, there will be a deep pattern that you are stuck in each night of being worried you won’t fall asleep, your mind not shutting off, being anxious or angry that you can’t sleep and then definitely not sleeping. We need to create a new pattern/pathway in the brain so that as soon as you see your bed, your entire being starts to relax and look forward to lying down and effortlessly falling asleep.

Meditation Instructions:

Posture:  Sit comfortably either cross-legged, on a chair or on the edge of your bed. Just ensure that your spine is straight and if you are sitting in a chair, that your feet are flat on the floor or on books so that you’re comfortable.

Eyes:  Your eyes are slightly open gazing at the tip of your nose.

Mudra (hands): Elbows are relaxed at your sides with your hands meeting just in front of the heart centre. The little finger, edges of the hand, and sides of the thumbs are touching. The thumbs are pointing up and the little fingers are pointing away from the body. The index, middle and ring fingers are grouped together side by side and not touching the little fingers or thumbs.. (if you’re not sure, just peek at the video)

Breathing: 1) Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. 2) Inhale through the mouth (with puckered lips) and exhale through the nose… and repeat

Only do this meditation for up to 11 minutes.

Some Tips:

  • Ensure that as you inhale, your belly and ribs are expanding (this is different than most people breathe… but it’s how we’re meant to breathe)
  • If thoughts keep going through your mind, just relax and let them flow through. Use whatever visualization works to not engage with them. Maybe imagine them being white fluffy clouds floating through a blue sky. Or imagine your mind releasing gears into neutral so the thoughts have nowhere to hook into.
  • Don’t worry if you can’t hold the hand posture (mudra) perfectly right away. Most people can’t. But do what you can. The mind will slowly adjust each time you do it.

The important thing to remember with healing meditations is to be very gentle with ourselves. We are healing. We are fixing something that is amok inside of us. And so sometimes it is difficult. And some days it is more difficult than others. But we are on a healing path. So we must have compassion for ourselves.

And remember that we are actually rewiring our brains!! We can actually heal. And that is an amazingly hopeful thought when we haven’t slept well in a long time!

Good luck and Sweet Dreams!! :)

meditation for insomnia

meditation for insomniaAbout Katrina Bos:

Katrina Bos teaches Kundalini Yoga and meditation at East Street Station. She teaches meditation in hospitals, outreach centres, shelters, to business groups and in schools. Her goal is to make meditation completely natural and available to everyone since it is the natural healing tool for our minds. It’s like the special tool that we come programmed with to fix us when we become amok. She also offers private Meditation Coaching and personalized Yoga for Healing programs at East Street Station.