Meditation in sunYoga for Healing Programs will bring you to a new place in your life. In just four months, your life will feel completely different – in all the best ways!!

Each program is a combination of personal consultations, tailored daily meditation and/or yoga practice for your personal healing path, and at-home study. The program will provide a safe container to do the inner work and the personal practice needed to move forward in our lives.

Many of us struggle with many things – and deep down we think that we always will have to. But it isn’t true. There is a way through!!

There are tools and processes that we can go through to actually heal ourselves!! We no longer have to suffer with depression, anxiety, insomnia, extra weight, psychological problems, physical issues, etc.

The fundamental tools come from yoga and meditation. These are ancient tools that have been used for millennia to actually change how our brains are functioning. These techniques when done daily will alter how you are processing the world around you. They will undo faulty programming. They will create new pathways that lead us to happiness and health. This is COMPLETELY possible!! And it doesn’t take that long!!

In the psychological world, they call it neuroplasticity. Basically, this just means that our brains are very changeable… that our neurons are very plastic. Our brains will adjust to whatever our situation is. This means that if we have suffered in our lives, our brains will have adapted so that we will survive. But sometimes this isn’t a good adjustment… and this can lead to all kinds of unhappiness.

Through the 4 months, we will look at everything that is contributing to our issue. We will look at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our lives. There is homework to be done and daily practice to heal our minds and bodies.

Each of us is unique. Therefore, each program is tailored specifically for our particular situation.

These are life-changing programs. The changes you will experience are phenomenal!!

You will truly feel like YOU!!!! A happier and healthier YOU!!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What if I’ve never done yoga or meditation before? Or I’ve tried and I’m no good at it?

That is perfect! The point of yoga and meditation isn’t really to be “good” at it. You don’t need to be flexible or fit or be able to sit in meditation peacefully. Meditation and yoga are tools to heal our minds. So when we run into trouble, that will be an indicator of where something needs to be healed!! It’s all perfect!!

2) What if I don’t have time to do the meditations and daily practice?

No matter how busy we are, we always make time for the things that we value. We can always find 10 minutes to meditate.

We often think that if we take time to heal ourselves, then everything else won’t get done. The truth is that since your inner world is struggling, every part of your life is harder. When we have something going on inside, it spills out into our relationships, our work and our health. So everything is made more difficult. Deciding to take time for you to heal actually makes every aspect of your life easier and simpler.

But if you still don’t think you can find the time, then the time just isn’t right for you to take this program. This program works because of the daily practice. This is how we heal our minds so that we don’t have to struggle any longer.

3) What if I’m struggling from a number of different problems? Like depression and PMS and anxiety?

In our first consultation, we will decide where the best place to start is. Everything inside of us is connected. The triggers that create the anxiety will be contributing to the depression and the PMS… and vice a versa. The meditations all work on many layers of us at a time. As you progress through the program and your situation changes, we will change your daily practice accordingly.

IMG_0479Katrina Bos has been teaching yoga and meditation for over 10 years. She began counselling after having a spiritual awakening when she was 30 that resulted in a miraculous healing. You can read about her journey in her book, “What if You Could Skip the Cancer?”. Part of the awareness that came with her awakening is our amazing ability to heal. Even when everyone and everything we know points to us just suffering through or making the best of it, there is the knowing that our bodies and minds are always seeking wholeness. All we need to do is heal what’s blocking us and then rewire our minds and bodies in a new paradigm of health, aliveness and growth.

Katrina can be reached at East Street Station at 519-524-5612 or by email to set up an appointment!!